Hope – “Happy Optimistic People Evolve”



Michael Scoggins saves his Grandfather with Hope.

He is really close to his Grandfather who is 61 and has his own HVAC company. Michael has been working with him since he was 10. The grandfather always had two jobs and would say “sleeping was for rich folks”. The other day he called to say he thought his Grandfather was going to die. And all the way to the hospital, he kept thinking of Hope.

He says “People change. I look at the world completely different than I did three years ago. I feel I have more humanity. I was a bit more rambunctious back then.” He has turned 30 and is maturing. “I want a career, I want a 401K, I want good things for myself.” When asked “what do you think when you hear the word Hope?”, he says he will think up an anagram. He would later text me with an anagram, “Happy Optimistic People Evolve”. Michael says “as tough as this world is, if you don’ have Hope, you will sink”. I guess Hope Floats.

He says that he doesn’t have faith, he has Hope. He also reminded me of a phrase I had heard that he says his construction buddies used all the time, “Let it float on Hope“.




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