Son is this truckers’ Hope


Michael Wallace – “If it wasn’t for Christopher, I wouldn’t be here.”

Michael’s son Christopher harbors no resentments towards his older brother Jamie who killed their mother (Michael’s wife). Michael’s mother killed herself shortly afterwards in an episode of extreme grief. Jamie was born with many physical and mental problems and is institutionalized. Though he does not live with Michael and Christopher, Michael hopes they will be able to visit him some day.

Three loves of Michael’s life have died. His first girl friend Robin (they were engaged) died of an asthma attack. His life-long friend Leanne died in a car crash along with her 9 year old son. Then his own son Jamie killed his wife Michel. As of this post, he is dating a another girl named Michel.

Michael is a truck driver. He hauls coal and ash for the mining and utilities companies in coal country Alabama. It’s been tough lately. “I don’t really go by Hope…..mine’s a day by day and what’s happening right now is it”. Though he says he doesn’t rely on Hope, it is obvious that he gets his strength and hope from Christopher.




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