Hope is an Attitude


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Scott Lumpkin is a film producer, father, husband and skateboarder.

I asked Scott how hopeful he felt he was, on a scale of 1 to 10. He replied, “I’m an 8.” I ask what he thinks Hope is, and he says, “Hope is belief without need of proof that it’s gonna be ok. I don’t necessarily need to stop and think about the bridge that I am about to drive over, I don’t need for you to prove to me that it works, but I Hope it does”. This is a new twist on a feeling I have heard from others, that Faith is at the root of Hope. Most feel they either have Faith or Hope. But I sense that Scott wraps them up in the same attitude.

As a film producer Scott’s working life is packed with decision making every minute of the day, yet his attitude is exuberant. I think it comes from a childhood that allowed adventure, risk taking and heavy doses of being out in the open, whether on a boat or in the woods. He was a sponsored skate-boarder, and he has camped most of his life. He admits that hiking and camping are his escape. Sitting on the small boat dock behind his house on the Fish River, I am amazed that he can call the name of any species of fish that jumps out of the water. He has done this sitting quietly by himself or with his young daughter Lilly many times.

I sensed when I first met Scott that he was a Hopeful soul. He has had his share of disappointments, but i feel they don’t bother him because he is always looking forward to the next thing in life. He is not worried about the past. You can see it in his face. I suggest I have heard it said that “Hope is an Attitude”, and he beams. “Yeah, and Hope is about tomorrow!”

Thanks for the lesson in fish identification Scott!



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