Hope is a Necessity

Noah Gallaway_2892

Noah Galloway – “I had tourniquets on all four limbs”.

Noah did two tours of military duty in Iraq and was injured. I met him while working on a film project for an organization that challenges veterans to go farther physically, mentally and emotionally than they ever thought possible. Noah met that challenge and has done more to make a bad situation good than anybody I know.

We talked a few years ago while Noah was trying to decide if he wanted to pursue a career in Radio. When I asked what he thinks Hope is he says: “When I leave here I will look up the definition. Hopeful to me sounds more like wishful thinking.” “If you had a boss that came to you and asked you to get something done and you said well I hope I can do that. That’s not something a boss wants to hear”. “I need to say, this is what’s going to happen, not, I hope this happens. Because if the  you are hoping something happens, you’re not putting forth the effort to make it happen. Hope is not a word I use a lot”.

It is clear that Noah views Hope as something less substantial as say faith or determination, or even positivity. He is a beacon of positivity. Or maybe he just has not thought about it much, because later in the conversation he says: “I have my ups and downs and I have been all over the place since I was injured and it drives my family crazy.” I asked if they have faith in you or Hope for you. He says “I think Hope. My Mom would say faith because she’s my Mom, but I have a lot of family that worry. I mean maybe they are not sure, so they Hope

And then out of nowhere he interjects: “Hope is more of a necessity if you are gonna be happy”




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