David And Goliath

David Sher

David Sher.

David is a serial entrepreneur, dedicated community volunteer, husband, father, grandfather, Internet evangelist and blogger. He publishes the ComebackTown.com—a blog to begin a discussion about a better Birmingham.

After serving as President of the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce (BBA), Operation New Birmingham (REV), and City Action Partnership (CAP), David developed a passion for social media and the Internet. He now uses his Internet and social media skills to stimulate an important growing interest in regional governance for our Birmingham region.

He flies in the face of many who say it will never happen. Imagine that Goliath is the unorganized group of naysayers who believe there is no HOPE for a change in regional government, and David….well, his sling is a Blog. David and many others believe Birmingham cannot reach its full potential without a change in our governmental structure.

I suggested to David that most of my conversations with people about HOPE involve their personal relationship with HOPE and that I feared having a discussion of a larger group or community HOPE would be too vague and uninspiring. I was wrong. He tells me of the personal story behind the drive to give back to his city and community.

David explains…

“I think I’m in the luckiest 1% in the world. I was born in America at a perfect time in history. I feel fortunate I live in Birmingham where quality of life and opportunities are abundant. I was born to happily married parents who treated me well, gave me opportunities for education, loved me and made it possible for me to do the things I have done in life. I feel this puts a great deal of pressure on me to HOPE what I do in life is worthy of my blessings. My HOPE is that I won’t feel that I have squandered these blessings. You ask, what makes me happy? It’s to live a relevant worthwhile life, and to know that I might leave this world better off as a result of me having been in it.”

David has a passion for community involvement and a social responsibility. I asked him where that came from. He says…

“My father.  After running a small retail business for many years, which is extremely hard, he died at the age of 54. He was tirelessly community and civic minded. He always said not everyone has the time and opportunity to be so socially responsible, but those who could were obligated to give back.” 

Hearing David talk about the lessons of responsibility by observing his father, it’s obvious that this passion is driving his actions in business and in life. This is where his HOPE comes from.

I like the idea of David standing there with a pen in hand ready to take down the Goliath naysayers. Keep writing David, and we will see more HOPE for a better Birmingham.




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