A hopeful Cancer Survivor


Peggy Honeycutt

Peggy Honeycutt ia a Hopeful Breast Cancer Survivor.

Peggy is a wife, mother, realtor, hiker, backcountry enthusiast and breast cancer survivor. She says to be diagnosed with a very bad disease “is utter sheer terror.

There is a photo of herself on her business card that shows her with long blond shoulder length hair. When she meets a client who has only seen her from her card, she says “I had the cancer”. “This sets them straight up front”. She has obviously gotten over the sheer terror.

We talked about the cliché outcome of being changed by the cancer experience or any other life altering event like that. We wonder why it takes something like that for us to get our priorities straight. Before she was diagnosed she says she was self-absorbed with work. Her daughter Heather called it her “Happy Spot”. She felt she wanted to get off of the Happy Spot Merry-go-round, and her priorities have now changed. She doesn’t feel she has to do all the work for everyone else or control things.

Peggy had a discussion with someone who said she was happy that Peggy had  been cured. And Peggy demurred by saying “No, I will never be cured. I will be a survivor”. She is a different person as a survivor. Before her diagnosis, like many of us today, she had been in constant need of controlling things around her. The Cancer has given her a hopeful sense of release and joy in living each day as if it were her last.

She felt at peace and surrounded by prayer after the diagnosis and before surgery. “Faith, family, friends and Hope are what pulled me thru my illness and continues with me every day”. There seemed to be a calm that comforted her because she had Hope. When she woke up from the surgery they told her it was the best outcome they could have hoped for. But Peggy says even if it had been bad news she would have had Hope that there was more to live for.



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