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Hope is a Celebration

“Hope is nurtured by celebrations”, Ed Lamonte. Ed and his wife Ruth, an Episcopal minister and retired UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) professor have agreed to find one thing each day that gives them cause for celebration. He also gets up early enough each morning to have about an hour to, among other things, […]

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John 2_0076 - Version 2

The family “Bubble”

  John Hunter is an editor, cinematographer, producer, rock climber and newlywed. My son John has just gotten married to a fine young lady named Lauren. Now, we know weddings and funerals tend to bring out the emotions both good and bad, unless you are one of those that believes all emotions are good. As John […]

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The Hope of Captain Kangaroo

Terry Miller has a photographic memory. I started working on this Hope Project years ago by talking with my childhood friend Terry Miller. I thought it would be easy to begin with someone I knew, someone close to me emotionally. What I found was how hard this discovery process is no matter how well you […]

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A Katrina Gulf Oil Spill Connection

  Derrick Williams on a surprise vacation. I met Derrick on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama shortly after the BP oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico back in April of 2010. I had just begun work on the Hope Project, and I found out fairly quickly that I did not know what […]

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“Active” Hope

Duncan suggests that there is both an active and a passive Hope. Duncan Blair is a husband, father, banjo player and attorney who happens to have Parkinson’s disease. The time I spent talking to him was the most intellectually challenging, yet stimulating, of all the talks I have had on the subject of Hope. I believe the […]

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Filmmaker questions God, but hopeful

David Brower – “By most people’s reckoning, as an atheist I should have no Hope what-so-ever”. David said: “I hear a lot lately that we are wired for religion, that there is a religion gene. I don’t buy that. I would say that we are genetically wired to want to know why, but that could […]

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