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2013 was great but….

At year end I want to thank everyone for the support and interest in this discussion about Hope. I have learned a lot and now know that there is much more to hear about how Hope effects us all. When I hear young sixteen year old Lexi Sanders say “I don’t know what Hope is, […]

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Hope Can Survive Death, If You Bring It Back to Life

Hope Can Survive Death, If You Bring It Back to Life. The first things I learned about Troy King were that he had a passion for yoga, and he’s good both in front of and behind the camera. Troy is a Branding specialist from Atlanta, and I met him on a photo shoot in Puerto Rico, where he was the creative and […]

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Hope – “Happy Optimistic People Evolve”

  Michael Scoggins saves his Grandfather with Hope. He is really close to his Grandfather who is 61 and has his own HVAC company. Michael has been working with him since he was 10. The grandfather always had two jobs and would say “sleeping was for rich folks”. The other day he called to say […]

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