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Hugh’s Hopeful break in the dessert

Hugh Hunter in New Mexico. I am traveling in New Mexico and Arizona with my wife Marygray and have much to be thankful for, and hopeful about. We have both needed the break and are grateful to be back in an area of the country where we have always felt emotionally, physically and spiritually inspired. […]

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Jason Wallis

Phatic Hope

  Jason Wallis and family. Jason is a photographer, filmmaker, husband and father of two children. He came up on my radar first as a fellow creator of commercial images, but he further impressed me after I saw his photographs done with an organization working for clean water in India called Never Thirst. He traveled […]

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Peggy Honeycutt

A hopeful Cancer Survivor

  Peggy Honeycutt ia a Hopeful Breast Cancer Survivor. Peggy is a wife, mother, realtor, hiker, backcountry enthusiast and breast cancer survivor. She says to be diagnosed with a very bad disease “is utter sheer terror. There is a photo of herself on her business card that shows her with long blond shoulder length hair. […]

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Hope is a renewable resource

  Tom Wofford has re-embraced Hope. Tom’s only brother and that brother’s son both died within a few months of each other. It was tough. He talks about taking care of his elderly parents and what kind of responsibility that is. I say something like, “good for you, you’re a fine fellow!” But he says […]

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