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Katrina Michell

A new meaning for “Silent Night”

Katrina Mitchell.  As I write this piece it is New Years day 2016. I have been thinking about a young lady named Katrina Mitchell. Almost two years ago I had written and photographed an initial Blog post, but was not pleased with it. I suggested at that time I was going to follow-up with her. […]

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The Hope in Grief

Doris Vaughans.   Doris is an amazing woman. She grew up in a close-knit family, the daughter of a preacher, whom she describes as the single most influential person in her life, and a loving mother. In person she is a ball of fire who has fought through much difficulty and grief. She exudes energy […]

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Mike Morris

Hope and Change

Mike Morris at Aletheia House’s Veteran training facility. Mike is originally from New York and is an outreach recruiter for a Veteran training and counseling program at Aletheia House, a drug and alcohol recovery and transitional housing organization in Birmingham, Al. He is a husband, father and is himself recovering from earlier years of sobriety and relapse. January […]

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She had a hole in her heart

Katrina Mitchell. Katrina has two children that live with her mother, and she works at a place called Workshops, Inc. whose mission is to help people with disabilities prepare for and find employment. I photographed her while working on an annual report for another non-profit that is a funder of Workshops, Inc. Katrina has recently […]

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An Orphan’s Hope

Jack McKay is a 103 year old orphan. When I first met Mr. McKay he was 99 years old. My mother had died and he was buying her home. Imagine moving your household and invalid wife into a new home at that age. When I first saw him, he was striding (without a cane) towards […]

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Noah Gallaway_2892

Hope is a Necessity

Noah Galloway – “I had tourniquets on all four limbs”. Noah did two tours of military duty in Iraq and was injured. I met him while working on a film project for an organization that challenges veterans to go farther physically, mentally and emotionally than they ever thought possible. Noah met that challenge and has […]

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Peggy Honeycutt

A hopeful Cancer Survivor

  Peggy Honeycutt ia a Hopeful Breast Cancer Survivor. Peggy is a wife, mother, realtor, hiker, backcountry enthusiast and breast cancer survivor. She says to be diagnosed with a very bad disease “is utter sheer terror. There is a photo of herself on her business card that shows her with long blond shoulder length hair. […]

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